ASCENT is a leading promoter of Indian products across the world.

To build a sustainable advantage in the demanding retail industry, you need a merchandising partner you can count on. One that puts you first. One that’s focused on delivering the highest levels of satisfaction and earning the strongest client loyalty through performance. We get it. We are that company.


Delighting you, our client, is the cornerstone to long-term and successful growth of our company. We must act in your best interest, consistently. Our Client-First principle is deeply ingrained in our leaders and driven throughout the company. Every employee is empowered to make decisions in a way that puts the client first.

We know that talking the talk is not good enough. We must “walk the talk”. We understand that revenue is the reward for high performance.

Creating a client focused, performance driven team starts with people and culture. We know that in order to deliver high quality performance for your team, we have to build a great team internally. A team that operates with the highest standards of integrity and always puts the client first. In the end, performance for our clients eventually boils down to people. To win for our clients we have to create a winning team that understands we exist to service our clients. And doing what is right for them is at the center of all decisions.