Technology for business

Today, business and technology innovation are inextricably linked and the demand for technology-enabled business transformation services is rapidly growing. ASCENT’s global network of technology practitioners help clients identify and solve their most critical information and technological challenges. With market-leading expertise in over 10 industry segments, superior business transformation capabilities, and deep technical expertise, our global network of technology practitioners create unmatched market offerings to solve our clients’ toughest business cases. At ASCENT, we are working on a mission to enable small and medium enterprises across the world to adopt technology solutions to increase efficiency and productivity of their businesses, thereby leading to sustainable growth.

Sustainable living

Sustainable living is the practice of reducing one’s demand on natural resources by making sure that they reduce or re-use what they use to the best of their ability. At ASCENT, we constantly innovate to find eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for everyday needs. Our team has successfully designed and manufacture eco-friendly pencils from recycled paper and recycled plastic. We also offer amazing eco-friendly tableware made from areca leaves. This tableware is 100% bio-degradable and does no harm to mother nature. We believe in preserving our environment for the future generations and consciously look out for eco-friendly products that can be promoted for ensuring a greener lifestyle.